3 million+

assets appraised to date across Europe, N. America, and Asia


Fortune 1000 clients


of the largest industrial multinational companies

You may not be aware of the hidden value in your surplus assets or inventory. If not, it’s likely that you are not receiving the maximum return on the resale of these items. Whether you need to offload surplus inventory, sell idle equipment, or move facilities and discard assets; proper valuation and planning can be the key to increasing value and return on your surplus.

Liquidity Services has the proven experience with top-tier organizations in every vertical industry and segment of the public sector to partner with you and maximize revenue for your end-of-life and idle assets. As we work with you to custom-build a solution that delivers value for your business, some of these services may be integrated into your process to help drive success:

Asset and Inventory Valuation

Our appraisal services provide our Fortune 1000 and government agency clients with a current assessment of their surplus assets and inventory. Through our rich database of market valuation data for nearly every range of materials, products, and assets, we are able to provide you with the information you need to make the right decisions. Asset valuation services that include best practice standards can enrich internal planning efforts and increase recovery value on your idle equipment and inventory. As the world’s largest scrap reseller, we also utilize our expertise to enhance scrap metal sales values through sophisticated identification and metal sorting practices.

Establish Disposition Requirements

We work with you to determine which services will best meet the unique needs of your organization and ensure brand integrity, data protection, regulatory compliance, and sustainable solutions.

Working with our trusted experts, you can have confidence that we will fully comply with your internal policies and procedures as well as all government regulations throughout the disposition process, ensuring that surplus assets receive maximum value with security and safety measures built into every step of resale. The Liquidity Services’ team works closely with you to enhance your sustainability planning, moving your organization or agency to zero-waste and implementing “green” initiatives, enhancing revenue and strengthening reputation.

Develop Investment Recovery Plan

Plan for success with our investment recovery plans which market your surplus assets and inventory across our network of marketplaces to maximize marketing reach and expose assets and inventory to more than 2.5 million buyers across the globe. By targeting the best buyers for each auction and utilizing lotting and merchandising strategies, we enhance the potential bid price of assets. We will also do the heavy lifting by managing the entire transaction process and providing transparent reporting.