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2.6 Mil.+

global buyers

$5.4 Bil.+

in completed asset sales

20.4 Mil.+

online auction participants annually

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We work with you on a consultative basis to determine your business needs and requirements around your surplus assets or inventory and scope out a plan that will work within a compliant, comprehensive solution that includes all required pre-sale and post-sale services to expedite the asset disposition process.

These customized services may include the following:

Pre-Disposition Asset Preparation

As assets and inventory are being readied to be resold, there are a number of critical steps in order to properly prepare each item for auction. Liquidity Services follows a strategic process to help you determine which set of services are right for your needs — everything from asset removal and storage, delabeling and debranding, lotting strategy, testing, and light refurbishment. We also capture product images, condition codes, and detailed product information to help attract the right set of buyers to each auction. Not only do our services help increase the recovery value of each asset, but they also help organizations to achieve their sustainability metrics through support of green initiatives and programs around surplus asset management.

Asset Disposition (Open, Closed, and Restricted Markets)

We customize specific services to best suit your individual needs and drive the highest recovery value for each sale. Our network of sales channels — including online auction marketplaces and internal redeployment tools — were created to attract targeted and specialized buyers of surplus assets, inventory, and equipment.  Based on the type of surplus, we ensure the appropriate testing, safety, compliance, sustainability, and buyer restrictions are enforced to protect our unique sellers.

Asset Marketing & Transaction Support

With a base of registered buyers that spans 2.6 million businesses and individuals and over 200 countries and territories, sellers are able to leverage a broad range of potential buyers to maximize value in the resale of assets and inventory. In addition, Liquidity Services designs marketing campaigns and provides customer service to support every transaction, including control over standards for buyer qualification and restrictions. Our dedicated customer service department handles timely and transparent records and payment and provides on-hand experts to support buyers and sellers throughout the bidding and asset sale process. Transaction reporting is incorporated into our process, catering to seller and buyer requirements. In specific marketplaces, clients can upload surplus inventory and descriptions to a user-friendly, online portal for full transparency.

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