Doing Well and Doing Good

At Liquidity Services, we abide by the philosophy of “Doing Well and Doing Good.” As we grow and succeed, we also give back to our community as a company and as team members.
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Corporate Social Responsibility Pillars

Our guiding principles for our charitable and community efforts.

When disaster strikes a community or a nation, we do our part to support rebuilding efforts.

In 2022, Hurricane Ian took the lives of 161 people in Florida, North Carolina, and southeast North America, and impacted the lives of thousands more. To help the people and communities affected by this disaster, we partnered with Global Giving, a trusted organization providing emergency relief and long-term support.

Donations helped individuals and families who lost their homes, possessions, businesses and jobs, as well as those who needed help with medical expenses. To further the impact of the donations, our CEO and Founder, Bill Angrick pledged to match up to $10,000 of the total amount we collect. See the campaign here.

Organizations we support:

  • GlobalGiving
  • American Red Cross
  • Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund
  • Joplin Tornado Relief
  • Mercy Corps
  • U.S. Fund for UNICEF
  • Other private disaster relief organizations

Our troops and veterans help keep the world safe. We’re committed to supporting them.

We’ve supported a range of initiatives for the U.S. military, both wounded veterans and active personnel. Together we make a difference.

Organizations we’ve supported:

  • Catch-A-Lift Foundation
  • Fisher House Veterans Project
  • Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund
  • Lone Survivor Foundation
  • Military Vehicle Preservation Association
  • Order of the Purple Heart Veterans Association
  • Paws & Stripes
  • USO
  • Wounded Warrior Project

We’re investing in a better future for our planet.

The theme for Earth Day 2022 is Invest in Our Planet, a call for the world to engage in a partnership with the Earth and contribute to its protection and preservation.

We don’t limit investing in our planet to one day. Each day, we work relentlessly to power the circular economy and contribute to sustainable commerce.

Simply put, we create a better future by making Earth Day every day.

Investing in a Better Future
Our investment in the planet goes beyond Earth Day.

We are excited to engage with local communities at all of our locations across the globe.

Community-focused organizations raise money to help cure diseases, build homes for impoverished families, and provide meals to the hungry. We support all of these causes and more, knowing that every effort makes a difference. Each of our team members is part of our global initiative to make a difference in the communities where we live and work.

Since 2001, our Scottsdale, AZ office has helped feed hungry local families by supporting its local St. Mary’s Food Bank with cash and food donations.

We support clients’ sustainability efforts by helping them extend the life of assets, prevent unnecessary waste, and defer inventory from landfills.

We’ve played an integral role in many of our clients’ zero-waste initiatives and worked with the federal government to pioneer one of the largest green initiatives to date, deferring over three billion pounds of scrap material from landfills. For the innovative sustainability programs we’ve implemented for clients, we received an Honors Laureate Award from Computerworld in 2013.

Sustainability Success Stories

We partnered with a large retailer to implement a sustainable program that defers over 100 million units per month from landfills.

We’re dedicated to supporting programs that help young people develop the life skills and education they need to succeed.

Every child deserves a chance at success. We partner with various local and national organizations to support educational and developmental initiatives for disadvantaged children. Working with, we help fund critical classroom projects across the U.S., and our work with Big Brothers Big Sisters has earned our Chairman & CEO Bill Angrick a Volunteer of the Year award.

Organizations We Support

  • Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • Fort Dupont Ice Arena, Kids on Ice Programs for Disadvantaged DC Kids
  • Mendoza College of Business Advisory Council at the University of Notre Dame
  • Room to Read
  • Space of Her Own
  • Supporting Teachers and Classrooms through
  • University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business Strategic CFO Roundtable
  • Washington and Lee Scholarship Programs

A portion of every sale on, our marketplace for consumers, goes to help children in public schools learn to love the planet earth.

''Thank you for your participation in our recent Hill of Beans competition. Through your participation we raised the equivalent of 75,000 meals, almost double what we did last year. We look forward to your participation in the next year's competition, as we look to raise at least 100,000 meals.''- St. Mary's Food Bank Alliance
''What a thrill it was to receive such generous donations from Liquidity Services' staff. The money raised will fund two room renovations for SOHO — Space of Our Own, a group that provides disadvantaged middle-school girls with mentors, life skill instruction, and renovates their rooms to create productive and beautiful study spaces.''- SOHO Space of Her Own - Creative Mentorship
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