Getting to the Core of Mining &
Construction Surplus Management

Upgrades, innovation, decommissioning, and market fluctuations pose significant challenges for mining and large construction companies. Liquidity Services offers comprehensive surplus asset management solutions designed specifically for your industry, increasing your bottom line and freeing up resources to focus on growth.
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We Know Mining & Large Construction

Respond Intelligently to Shifts in Demand

Your industry is characterized by frequent, unpredictable shifts in demand. Our comprehensive reverse supply chain solutions help you dispose of or source assets as the market situation warrants. Liquidity Services possesses proven marketing and sales strategies to ensure you achieve maximum recovery value for your surplus assets. And our proprietary AssetZone® software provides a clear view of every asset across all global locations, allowing you to efficiently source and redeploy assets.

Remain Resilient to Economic Challenges

Facing significant budget challenges, mining and large construction companies must seek ways to remain cost-conscious and competitive. A high-performing reverse supply chain increases productivity, efficiently manages surplus, and maximizes your investment recovery. With an impressive history of managing surplus in your industry, from bridge building projects to complete mine decommissioning, Liquidity Services helps you extract maximum value from surplus to ensure you remain in the black.

Capitalize on Opportunities in the Developing World

As developing countries continue to grow, so will the demand for large-scale infrastructure projects in these areas. Our global presence and comprehensive services help you capitalize on these opportunities by easily controlling assets around the world. We provide expert valuation services so you know what your idle and surplus assets are worth. And we offer AssetZone software that enables you to monitor and make strategic redeployment or resale decisions across all global locations.

Stand Confident Under Regulatory Scrutiny

Environmental and safety concerns abound in your industry. Whether calculating carbon emissions or monitoring excavation activity, regulatory – and public – eyes are constantly on mining and construction companies. Liquidity Services’ dedicated client teams bring knowledge and expertise of best practices for health, safety, and environmental concerns associated with handling surplus assets in your industry. We ensure that your business is compliant with all considerations inherent to the reverse supply chain, and that we adhere to your internal policies.

Turn Mine Decommissioning into ROI Opportunity

Mine decommissioning is a time, labor, and cost intensive process. It also creates a bounty of surplus assets. Liquidity Services has the knowledge, expertise, and network of buyers to achieve maximum value for this surplus. And we have expert compliance teams to effectively mitigate any risks associated with its removal.

600+ Asset Categories
One Company

Liquidity Services has expertise in nearly every mining and large construction asset category:
  • Ore/Mineral Processing & Transportation Equipment
  • Underground Mine Equipment
  • Exploration
  • Lifting & Materials Handling Equipment
  • Specialist Marine, Bridge, & Tunnel Construction Equipment
  • Mobile Earth-Moving Equipment
  • Surface Mine Mobile Equipment
  • Site Services & Utilities
  • Concrete Equipment
  • Plant Support Equipment
  • Vehicles
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