Steer Your Transportation Surplus
in the Right Direction

Transportation companies must enhance their fleet lifecycle management practices, meet changing infrastructure needs, and manage inventory on a global scale. Liquidity Services provides turnkey solutions for managing your transportation reverse supply chain, offering global reach to maximize investment recovery and velocity.
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Align Inventory to Market Realities

The unpredictable nature of supply and demand for transportation assets presents a challenge for your business. We help you align inventory to market realities by selling or sourcing and redeploying surplus assets as needed. Our customized marketing strategies ensure you reach the right buyers and achieve the highest recovery value for your surplus, while our AssetZone® software allows you to intelligently source and redeploy assets, reducing the need for added capital expenditures.

Keep Pace with New Infrastructure Demands

Globalization, population growth, and urbanization are placing intense pressures on existing transportation systems. Inevitably, transportation companies will need to make significant investments in new, improved infrastructure, creating a great deal of surplus and the need to sell it. Liquidity Services offers a full suite of solutions to help you manage, value, and sell all categories of transportation assets, turning the burden of inventory into recurring revenue to fuel new investments.

Improve Efficiency and Maximize Recovery

Transportation companies seek reverse supply chain programs that deliver maximum impact with minimal hassle. By handling every aspect of your reverse supply chain, Liquidity Services simplifies this function so you can focus on growing your business. Our range of sales models, from online auctions to private treaty sales, ensures we reach the right buyers for your surplus assets. Additionally, we can hold your assets for pickup at our lots, eliminating shipping costs and increasing your investment recovery profit margin.

Find the Solution That Fits Your Needs

Some transportation companies need a comprehensive reverse supply chain solution, while others desire support for a one-time project. Liquidity Services provides consultative surplus asset management, valuation, and sales solutions that are scalable, spanning all volumes, asset categories, and locations across the globe. Our deep knowledge of your industry – buoyed by industry, market, and asset category expertise – also makes us a viable partner for valuations, facility closures, and other specialized projects.

Maximize Your Reverse Supply Chain

Already have an in-house reverse supply chain platform? We don’t replace it – we enhance it. Our knowledge of industry best practices, wealth of market data, and consultative approach enable us to implement customized solutions that help you accomplish business objectives. We also provide compliance and risk mitigation services to ensure you are compliant with all considerations inherent to the reverse supply chain as well as your internal policies.

600+ Asset Categories
One Company

Liquidity Services has expertise in nearly every transportation asset category:
  • Trucks
  • Trailers
  • Inland Marine Equipment
  • Aircraft
  • Construction
  • Rail
  • Plant Support Equipment

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