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2 Bil.

pounds of scrap material sold

55 Mil.

surplus items sold for the Federal government alone


government agency sellers on our global marketplaces

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Our unique, secure, and compliant solutions are used by more than 7,200+ government agency clients to quickly recover revenue from surplus vehicles, equipment, scrap materials, and much more. Optimum recovery value is realized in each transaction through innovative and powerful online sales channels that enable surplus buyers to purchase available government assets in convenient and open environments that ensure transparency for both buyers and sellers.

Learn about the benefits of working with a trusted partner and industry leader to resell your surplus assets, maximize your return on asset sales, and increase your sustainability metrics.

Our services include:

Full transaction management (optional) is available if you require more than a self-service solution. This provides your agency's insurance that no detail has been overlooked by our experts — from inventory assessment to marketing the sales event to post-sale reconciliation — our team efficiently handles every aspect of the transaction.

Buyer pre-qualification helps to ensure that assets are not sold to any buyers on a government restricted list and streamlines management for foreign buyers.

Risk management is a comprehensive part of our transparent process that includes buyer vetting and following government regulations regarding the sale of certain items and "do-not-sell-to" lists. In addition, we automatically remove sensitive data to ensure that any confidential information is wiped from electronic devices before they are resold, protecting the seller and providing a clean product to the buyer.

Sustainability planning is critical for government agencies. We can help through zero-waste initiatives that deter end-of-life assets from landfills, returning value to government agency sellers and extending the useful life of asset.

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