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square feet of warehouse space & 62 acres of outside storage space in N. America

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Chances are you have surplus assets or inventory sitting idle in warehouses or other facilities and lack the resources to focus on improving this area of your business. Retailers, manufacturers, government agencies, and other organizations all face the hassle of the surplus asset management process. With a trusted expert, you can unlock the potential value of your surplus assets. As the industry leader, we will customize your process with the following services:

Retail Returns & Excess Inventory Processing

Problem: Product innovation, changing consumer preferences, and high return rates create a significant flow of product into the retail reverse supply chain, causing aggravation for the retailer over lost revenue.

Solution: Liquidity Services devises customized solutions for retailers to target pain points around the return process and move returned and overstock inventory quickly to secondary marketplaces, returning revenue to the retailer's bottom line. We combine our leading marketplace sales channels with a broad menu of value-added services to ensure brand and channel protection, quick sales cycles, and higher recovery value.

Return-to-Vendor Programs

Problem: Time and revenue are frequently lost as a result of long standing and inefficient agreements between retailers and vendors — often leaving the returned inventory stuck in the middle.

Solution: Liquidity Services offers complete returns management services and return-to-vendor (RTV) programs to protect both the retailer and vendor brands; while shrinking costs and shortening cycle times through streamlined logistics, processing, inventory sorting, and refurbishing services.

Business Asset Identification & Documentation

Problem: Managing and identifying idle assets and equipment is a hassle with dispersed teams often using multiple, decentralized systems and methods (often manual) to track assets.

Solution: Through a proven asset audit process, our trained staff will find and document business assets and equipment within your global facilities. With reliable data, your team can have better information to direct purchasing and resale decisions, saving your business time and expense. When you decide to resell end-of-life or idle assets, you can be confident that your organization is receiving maximum bids for assets with fully-documented listings targeted to specialized buyers for each auction.

Asset Redeployment

Problem: Large organizations with multiple plants and facilities often have limited or no visibility to valuable surplus and idle equipment that would satisfy the needs of open purchase requisitions in another part of the company, which could save money.

Solution: Working hand-in-hand with you to document assets, we integrate AssetZone®, our exclusive web-based asset management system, into your surplus asset management process. This high-powered system provides your team complete transparency across multiple, global locations — with asset details and images available at your fingertips. Making the choice to redeploy assets within your organization or resell them externally at a higher rate of recovery just got easier.

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